The first concert in the series featured music from Barbie animated movies, while another centered on music from video games. The symphony also scored the 1925 silent film “Phantom of the Opera.” The turnout at each performance rivaled or surpassed the 1,300 who come out on a good night to hear classical programs, Beadle said.

Okay. I’ve done the video game thing. The music was put together in two rehearsals, and could be, for the most part, sightread. I’ve played music for silent films as well. That can be a challenge, and the music we played did require some work. But Barbie?! Oh please, no. I don’t want to play music for a silly doll. I really don’t. (Unless it’s that ballet about the doll—shoot, I can’t even remember what it’s called now!—and even that I can skip forever and I’d be quite fine with that.)

I know orchestras are trying new things, but so many of these new things try my patience.


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Music is music, and there’s music you like, there’s music you don’t like, I suppose. . . . There really shouldn’t be any divisions, and I think it’s particularly hurt us in classical music.

-Charles Wetherbee