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You gotta see it. Really. If this doesn’t crack you up (and yet still move you just maybe a wee little bit), well … I guess you and I are just too darn different. 🙂

Okay, if it doesn’t move you that’s fine. But it had better make you smile!

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I received a postcard from a fellow symphony and opera colleague who is in France right now. He wrote:

Hi Patty
You won’t believe this, but after coming all this way, I heard Bach’s oboe and violin concerto played at the church of the Madeleine. Aside from that, we’re having a wonderful time.

Is that TOO funny or what?!

(Or Anyone Can Write an Opera.)

I don’t have a clue who Jonathan Davis is. (Well, I do know of a Jonathan Davis, but not this one.) This particular JD is the “frontman (say what?) for Korn”. It does say that band is “angst ridden” so that should work fairly well for opera, eh?

Anyway, you can read about it here or here or, I’m sure many other places.

Me? I’m going to write a symphony. Heck, why not?

From this Jason Heath post I’m taken here. The write has some great things to say, and I recommend a visit to his blog. Here’s a little something:

Ever since I’ve been able to consider myself a professional musician, I’ve always been fascinated with the lack of age barriers in serious music. I have to remind myself that art music is entertainment for the educated, so I should still smile and bow at the right times. There are plenty of youthful bands out in the pop music world. But serious music, such as jazz, classical,(even theatrical music) emphasize sound over appearance.

It’s a funny thing, this age & music thing. I have a student that, I think, is frustrated that we oboes aren’t in rock bands and aren’t terribly “hot” with her age group. I look around at my colleagues in symphony and opera and many look younger and more “hip” (although “hip” already shows that I’m older!) than many in the “real world” of the same age. So while we might not be on rock stages or playing pop music, having thousands of adoring little girl fans or teen admirers, we seem to, as we age, age somewhat slower than many people. I’m not sure why; maybe because age isn’t much of an issue on stage. And we continue to work, no matter our age. I’ve played with nineteen year olds and I’ve played with sixtyfive year olds and what matters is the music making, not the youthful appearance, smashing good looks, or sex appeal (although, of course, every oboist has tremendous sex appeal. Or not).

But I ramble. Time to get some things done around here. More later … about how anyone can write an opera. Maybe.

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Our Mimi has to look credible. She dies of TB, so she shouldn’t be too hefty. She requires a lyrical voice and musical sensibility, and has to also be a touching actress.

-David Sloss (read here)