(Or Anyone Can Write an Opera.)

I don’t have a clue who Jonathan Davis is. (Well, I do know of a Jonathan Davis, but not this one.) This particular JD is the “frontman (say what?) for Korn”. It does say that band is “angst ridden” so that should work fairly well for opera, eh?

Anyway, you can read about it here or here or, I’m sure many other places.

Me? I’m going to write a symphony. Heck, why not?


  1. I guess anyone can write an opera, but the big question is does anybody really care?  I imagine that the chances for most people’s operas actually getting performed is kind of like the chance someone takes buying a lottery ticket.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Definitely true that getting a new opera performed is tough stuff.

    But someone in a popular group (Is Korn popular? My son says, “I can’t stand them.” Hmmm.) might get noticed. Kind of like how a pop star might write an oratorio or something and get heard. And even win an award.