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Is it awful that I don’t know the name William Orbit?

I just read that this man, who is connected to the name Madonna (not the one from centuries ago, but the one that sings like a virgin … heh … oh, wait … I mean sings Like a Virgin, has a few kids, adopted another, and still sells sexy) among other folks.

The article about his new work begins:

WHEN William Orbit’s Orchestral Suite is first heard at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall, there will be more at stake than just a few reviews.

“It’s the rest of my life now,” says Orbit of his foray into the classical tradition. “It’s all I want to do. I’ve actually planned my life around it. Even if it goes down like a lead balloon.”

Has anyone ever seen a lead balloon? I’m just wondering.

But anyway, I’d love to hear the work. Would someone like to fly me to England? I have a passport. I’m ready. I’d have to bag a gig, though, so you’d have to cover the income loss too. (My only gig income of the summer so it’s not like I could just give it up, you know?) I have Orbit’s site up right now and I like the music (not his orchestral work) I hear on it. Is that foolish of me to admit this, being as I’m supposed to be this uptight symphony and opera musician? Uh-oh … I’m probably in trouble with some of my colleagues now. (If any read this thing any more.)

It seems as if lots of “pop” style folk (do they hate the word “pop” and am I incorrect in using it?) are moving into what we now call “classical music” realm.

But wait. Classical music is dying. Right?

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