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Ran across this at a site I landed on:

Harmonics! I want to punch anyone talking about harmonics. The double reed association (IDsomething something) is here for a while, and practicing in their rooms at odd hours, and making unrequested blatts in public, and . They know nothing of the Music building, and since they’re living in entirely-musician dorms, don’t mind everyone else on campus. Friggin’ bassoons.


… is on at this very moment on our local PBS station. Wonderful stuff! And I believe I just saw (and heard) Anne-Caroline Bird. (ACB, that is you, right? You, with the lovely voice? I was checking your site, but there are no pictures of you in costume … but it sure looks like you!) Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! So many moments where I get the chills because of the beauty. You all know how that is, I hope … I do hope you’ve all experienced that.

In Other News
Dan has begun the huge task of switching over some sites to a new hosting service. (If I’m saying this correctly … I’m truly a computer idiot.) This one is due for that work. When it begins, no one will be able to see this for a time. Please know I will return. I hope readers will stick with me! 🙂

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When I wrote the last note I told myself, never again. But I am already working on something else, something light and bubbly. It is nearly a musical comedy. The critics will turn up their noses, but what does that matter?

-Lorin Maazel (Referring to his mostly panned opera, 1984.)