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Of course many of you have heard the sounds on the YouTube link below before, but I’m guessing they are new to some; I know some of my students still struggle with the “modern” sounds of the Hindemith! Many of us who studied oboe in a university setting at least attempted the Berio Sequenza if nothing else. (Yes, I did perform it in college; I look at the work now and wonder how the heck I did it!) If other readers want to hear some of the new techniques you can hear and see Marieke Schut with her oboe and English horn, playing a work by Jonathan Harvey (a composer I’m unfamiliar with, I confess). The video is in Dutch, but the oboe and English horn sounds are in the music language—well, a very contemporary music language—so you can certainly understand that part.

Sort of.

Some of you might wrinkle your noses, but check it out to see (and hear).

… and if anyone wants to translate for me …?

In Other News
The pattyo has been moved to WordPress!. There’s definitely work to be done (finding all of my pages, for one), but we are on the way with that blog, and this one should be next. At least checking that one out will give you an idea of how this one will go … I think.

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