Okay, so she is very, very cute. And she sings sweetly, although I could do without kiddo vibrato for some reason. (I’m not sure why, but when young children use vibrato it doesn’t sound right to me.) But she was not “pitch perfect”, which is what is said toward the end.

No, I really don’t watch this show—it’s not even available here—but because someone linked to this I found it. And it is a sweet as can be, and sure, she could make me cry if I weren’t in a “mood” right now.

Call me a curmudgeon. It’s okay.

But anyway, what can you do with a adorable little six year old singing for this kind of show? Can you say, “Well, you are very cute and who knows, you might be a great singer some day, or you might not. You weren’t perfectly in tune, but for your age you were incredibly good” … can you say that? Even the wicked Simon couldn’t. But I still say he’s wrong about “pitch perfect”.

Our son, Jameson, was nearly pitch perfect on the Queen of the Night aria, though, when he was about that age. Really. (Kelsey was singing in the opera, so he heard and saw the video over and over … he could simply nail all those notes. I could kill myself for not taping him. But he’d kill me now if I had!)

And no, I’m really not being a stage mom. I’m picky about pitch. I really am. He was just that good. Honest and true. (I just pretended I wasn’t his mom and I still said, “He was that good.” 😉


  1. The fact that Simon would say that she was “pitch perfect” is really appalling.  Was he trying to blot out the fact that she was terribly out of tune from his memory and the memory of all the people who just heard her sing, or does he have a problem with his own pitch perception?

  2. Jameson used to sing Queen of the Night?  That’s funny, because I just saw this video yesterday:

  3. Oh, and I just watched your video….  And yes, she’s cute.  And she’s obviously got some talent and could have a lovely voice as she gets older.  But no, it wasn’t “pitch perfect”.  The second note was flat.  And she changed keys and back again.  And she needed to take the tempo up a bit so she could’ve sung whole phrases without taking a breath.

    And now I’m an awful, awful, awful person for criticizing a six year old!

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    I know … I kind of figured I’d come across as as jerk for criticizing the sweet young thing. But still, I’m just annoyed that they simply lied. She was not perfect. Period.

  5. Patricia Mitchell

    I have a feeling he was just “stuck” … finally! Who criticizes a 6 year old in front of an audience and the whole TV public and gets away with it? Perhaps not even Simon? I wonder.

    We aren’t “allowed” to be honest with young children these days, or so it seems; we are supposed to praise and pander to them, but heaven forbid we suggest they can do better.

    Okay. Done grumping. 😉

  6. Patricia Mitchell

    Yes, I know that video!

    And yes, Jameson sang QotN. And he was GREAT. Really. As a child he had such accurate pitch it was scary. And a good memory too … he’d hear something on the radio once and then I’d hear him singing it some time later in the house. It was sort of frightening. 🙂