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Wishing one of the finest musicians I know a very wonderful year.

I do hope you have had a lovely day, and LET’S DO LUNCH!

Just say when … well, it has to work with my teaching schedule and all, of course … and we can have a nice yak and meal. Okay? 🙂

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Read at someone’s blog:

Even stranger are instruments like the oboe. Who looked at the various wind instruments and thought, “Y’know, what we need is one that’s about six feet long with slides and keys everywhere; that’ll be practical!”

Now the “six feet long” tells me he is not really thinking of an oboe. I would have assumed bassoon (folks do confuse the two for some inexplicable reason) but what the heck does he mean by “slides”? One slide and I’d be thinking “trombone” (along with “This guy is clueless!”) but I’m perplexed.


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David, over at mixed meters had me laughing while reading today’s blog entry. (By the way David, I can’t send you an email because of your spam blocker. Just so you know.)

Well, okay, I was laughing on the inside. It’s just far too early to vocalize.

Oh. Wait. I’m not a vocalist. I can vocalize any time I want.

But anyway, it’s funny. And I liked being mentioned because, truth be told, we all like to be noticed now and then.

And speaking of being noticed, Joyce DiDonato, of the fabulous Der Rosenkavalier has a blog, in addition to her professional site. Is that cool or what?

I had never had the opportunity to hear her before, and now that I have I will certainly want to hear her again. But when I can’t, I can just go over to that blog, eh?

Well okay, I should probably get some recordings too. That would be a smart thing to do!

AND … reading Mixed Meters brought me to a Metropolitan Opera oboist’s blog! Now she is just a bit (hah!) higher in the musical world than I, but she still loves baseball, even if it’s the Mets rather than my poor Giants. (Hey, the Giants didn’t lose yesterday at least. Yeah, they weren’t even playing, but still ….) But better the Mets than the Yankees!

So it looks like I have some new sites to put up and to, of course, visit.

Meanwhile … with Dan nearly done with school he will, I think, be getting to the transfer of this site. While it’s happening a lot might be missing, but I can deal. I’m brave that way.