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Many major figures in modern art were fascinated by the relationship between visual art and music, especially those who followed in Van Gogh’s footsteps and experimented with colour in novel ways. Vincent himself took music lessons from an organist in Eindhoven, but they were not a success, because he constantly compared chords with pigments such as Prussian blue and cadmium yellow. His teacher concluded that he was dealing with a madman.

The above comes from an article about visual artists and music.

I like jazz. Sometimes. But so often, to me, it becomes far too self-indulgent. I feel as if the musicians are saying (or shouting), “Look at us, look at us!” and that gets in the way of the actual music. In addition, when improvisation goes on. And on. And on. I sometimes want to say, “Enough already!”

Maybe I’m just too uptight? I wonder!

But, really, I like jazz and the creativity that can take place in it. I just don’t want to feel as if I’m being held captive by the players.

I also like visual art. A lot. And more as I get older and have more time to spend with it. Which reminds me that this summer is a perfect time to get to some art museums. I’ve certainly got the time.

Back to my earlier post … and I’m happy to say that the CD I purchased which arrived today, American Masterworks for Woodwind Quintet, has some great works from which we could choose for the recital. In addition, the CD Impressions, for oboe, clarinet and piano, has other alternatives. (The latter would involve some rehearsal issues, as I’ve mentioned.) There is fine playing on both of these CDs, too!

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