So my quest for the right work continues. It’s not like I’m too picky … is it? I only need a chamber work written by and American composer. Oboe is a must, but there are different combinations that would work. Available for the recital are oboe (me), flute, clarinet, violin, piano. In addition we could try to persuade a bassoonist to join us. (Why? Because she likes us …?!) Most convenient would be four woodwinds, since we all live on “this side of the hill”. But I’m open to other suggestions.

I did find a trio for oboe, clarinet and piano that could work. It’s by Griebling-Haigh. Anyone familiar with that name? She was new to me! I have a recording of the work and I think it sounds like a lot of fun to play. The only issue I have is rehearsals, since the pianist is “over the hill”. I mean that in a non-age sense; UCSC is a drive over the Santa Cruz Mountains, and we adjunct faculty only make that trek once a week.

I also ordered a woodwind quartet work by Arthur Harris, but now I’m wondering if he’s British. (The work was included on an American composers CD, so I made the assumption he was American, but doing a search I only come up with a British composer.) Anyone know this guy?**

And is anyone familiar with the Peter Schickele work for woodwind trio (oboe, clarinet, bassoon)? I have owned that forever, but have never heard nor performed it.

Why American?

Because that’s what the person in charge decided. It does help narrow things down and adds a theme and all. (Last year we did French composers, so it’s not like we are USA centric.) Hmmm … perhaps “American” could be Canadian also … yes?

Anyway, I’ll gladly take any suggestions. If you are a composer and have something to offer just say the word! (The concert isn’t until January, but we need to get the program in sooner.)

In Other News: we have switched our internet service provider and I’m pretty darn happy with the speed at which things now download. Nice! Next step (yeah, I’ve been saying this for far too long now) is to get this site moved. It’ll happen. Really.

**Well, now I know more about Harris. There must be two of ’em, because this guy is an American composer, born in 1927. Nice. We could do this one! (The British Arthur Harris isn’t even a composer, actually. So never mind about him.)


  1. Jeanette Clemons

    Why not commission something as a centerpiece for your concert? The ACF has all kinds of info on this sort of thing…

    Also i understand that W. Pardus has written some nice stuff for diverse ensemble..

    Good Luck and let us know what you come up with!

    Jeannette and Gustav



  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Hmm. Commissioning requires something called money. I’m afraid I don’t have much of that these days! (I don’t really like expecting a composer to give us something for free.)

    I’ll check out that other link, though!


  3. Jeanette Clemons

    You could have a competition, where composers pay YOU to enter! LOL!

    There is actually a program that FUNDS ensemble/composer matchups to get new music played for which one can apply.

    Maybe too late for this year, but take a look!!!

     there are some great new things out there….