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… and trying to figure all this stuff out here.

First of all, I’m not sure I want the front page to be quite so busy; I wonder if links and all should be elsewhere. Of course I’m not sure how to put them anywhere else!

I’d also like the links that are currently at the right sidebar here to be in a different order. Reed blogs should most definitely be at the top, yes? I want them all to be in a different order, but I haven’t a clue how to do that!

I like those sites that have the “tag cloud” showing. Do I want one? Hmmm. Still not sure!

I’ve been adding “pages” which will include all those things I had at the old site: audition repertoire lists, names and more names of of double reed musicians (and where they play or teach), old MQODs, and more. I want to put these pages somewhere … but do THOSE links have to be on the front page? What about putting some on the front and some just linked to those? How the heck do I do that?!

So many questions … sigh …

I’m still not sure I like the look of the page. I might need to look at other themes. We’ll see. Maybe I like the pattyo better. Hmmm.

At my old site I could just put in three dashes like this: — and the magic genie in my computer knew to put in a separating line. It was so easy. But that doesn’t work now. How do I get a line in like that?

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Thanks to DK (hi … more fame for you!) I have located this Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Clarinetist’s site. It’s primarily photos; I don’t see much about music there, but still …. In addition, here is another collaborative pianist site. (Chris Foley, you have you seen it?)

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… before I leave for an hour drive to pick up music for Cenerentola … I see I’ve already had some members sign up here. Thanks y’all!

Please, if you sign up, leave a name and your email address so I know you aren’t a spammer, okay? I have to delete anyone else if I can’t recognize you. (I’m still learning all this WordPress stuff and I’m guessing there’s a way to avoid the spam “artist”, but so far I’ve not figured it out. So much to learn!)

In any case, welcome, and I hope more sign up. (I had over 250 members on the old site, so I’m hoping more of you will stick with me … and join in conversation too!)

And now off to waste gas drive for an hour each way to pick up my music.