02. July 2007 · Comments Off on Quickly … · Categories: Announcements, Ramble

… before I leave for an hour drive to pick up music for Cenerentola … I see I’ve already had some members sign up here. Thanks y’all!

Please, if you sign up, leave a name and your email address so I know you aren’t a spammer, okay? I have to delete anyone else if I can’t recognize you. (I’m still learning all this WordPress stuff and I’m guessing there’s a way to avoid the spam “artist”, but so far I’ve not figured it out. So much to learn!)

In any case, welcome, and I hope more sign up. (I had over 250 members on the old site, so I’m hoping more of you will stick with me … and join in conversation too!)

And now off to waste gas drive for an hour each way to pick up my music.

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