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I’m home, and actually have been home for a bit ‘o time; the Maestro let the oboes leave early since we don’t play everything. I was even able to hear the start of the Giants v Cardinals game on the radio, which was nice. (Current score: 1-0, good guys, top of the 5th.)

I do this funny thing when the national anthem in on the radio; after it begins I turn to a different station and sing (silently) to myself to see if I can tune back in right at the end of the song. Today I really aced it. Score one for me. 😉

We heard all of one singer (Cinderella) for all of a minute or so. Oh well. Singers tomorrow afternoon, for sure.

I’m exhausted. I’m not sleeping much at all, so between that, the drive and long rehearsals I am feeling pretty darn wiped out. Still, I gotta watch the game … right?!

AND I’m going to have a nice slice of Boston cream cake now, too. So there.

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Blame it on those silly tenors, cha-cha-cha,
Blame it on those silly tenors, cha-cha-cha.

Hmmm … why do I now have the “Blame it on the Bossa Nova” in my head? (I never knew all the words, only those above and yes, I would sing “cha-cha-cha” for the rest of the words. Usually my lyrics are “Blame it on the oboe player” though.) Ah well, I first had Jennifer Juniper running through the brain (which I kindly handed over to my husband!), so I guess this is a wee bit better? Or not.

But listen, do you want to know the reason? Do you promise not to tell?

Oh wait … different song … I just read this, and that’s why the first tune got there. It’s gone now. The Beatles have taken over.

(I’m not certain I’d blame The Three Tenors for the state of opera in the USA, but it’s a thought.)

Speaking of Opera … we had the first Cenerentola rehearsal yesterday morning. Today it’s a double day. (Two rehearsals with a lunch break between.) We are rehearsing downstairs at Davies, and the fluorescent lighting sure drives me nuts! Ah well. It’s fun to get back to work, that’s for sure. I think we might get to hear some singers at the second rehearsal today. I’m not used to this schedule; in OSJ we only get one orchestra rehearsal and then six with the singers. In this we get two full orchestra-only rehearsals, and the third says “possibly with some singers”. We then have three rehearsals with the singers. (OSJ has double casting, and this has single, so this all makes sense — I’ve always thought OSJ should have more orchestra-only rehearsals. We could sure use them!)

Anyway, coffee (check), breakfast (almost) and a nearly one-hour drive are on the calendar for today.

Along with playing of course.