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Orchestras can eat you up if they don’t respect what you’re doing.

-Martin Katz

Yeah, we can. Think about it; there are a good number of us (or is it a bad number? I guess it depends upon who you are and what you think of us, eh?) and there’s one conductor, and if the instrumentalists don’t like a conductor they can really butcher him or her. But no, I’ve never done that. I’m the “follow the rules” and “do what the conductor says no matter what” sort. Sometimes this backfires, as I’ve often seen reviewers critique the players for something the conductor requested, but that’s life.

That doesn’t mean I don’t complain. I’m a real ace at whining. (Ask my husband. Ask my colleagues.) But a conductor is “the boss” so there you go.

Martin Katz is conducting Cenerentola. You can read the quote above and more here.

I’m really enjoying Cenerentolaand it’s incredibly wonderful to be working this summer, even if only for a couple of weeks. (But wouldn’t you know I got a call last night for another gig that conflicts with the opera. Sigh. I hate turning down work!) The group of musicians is great fun too … lots of good players, and all seem to be happy folk!

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