08. July 2007 · Comments Off on Nothing Here is Private · Categories: Ramble

I just read an article from a performing arts school’s newspaper (not one in California, in case you are wondering). The high school senior author wrote things that made me cringe. I was especially disturbed by the way she wrote dialogue, making clear that she was speaking to some people of a certain race by mangling the spelling. It made me cringe. And she was writing an essay about a college application to a college.

I’ve also read some blogs recently that would have best left unwritten.

I guess there are still some people out there who don’t fully understand just how easy it is to read their blogs and articles. If it’s on the internet, folks, it’s there for us to see. Students, do remember that! What you write might come back to haunt you. Do a search on your name and see what you come up with. You might be surprised.

Now I’m not going to “tattle” on students. But … really … do you think your private teachers, high school and college instructors don’t ever find your xanga, blogger, live journal or myspace sites? Potential colleges and employers do searches on your names too.

Trust me. They do.

So be smart!

But it’s not only kids who aren’t thinking. I see the same thing with adults out there in working world. Some write things that could get them fired. It’s pretty amazing.

My advice? Run what you write through the “Do I want the world to read this?” filter. You then might choose to make your blog entry private. Or just don’t write it.

You wouldn’t believe the stuff I find. Really.

Okay. Rant over and out. Maybe I’m just really bugged because the Giants are playing horribly today.