09. July 2007 · Comments Off on EOS Syndrome · Categories: Ramble

I don’t suffer from EOS but, rather, suffer from the opposite.

Excessive Ovation Syndrome is what so many folks have; they give ovations to nearly everything. I know some people like that. But I’m not one of ’em.

The truth of it is, I just don’t stand. And no, it’s not what you think; I don’t remain seated because I’m a snob or because I’m thinking, “That just wasn’t good enough.” I’m sitting because I’m uncomfortable standing up. Maybe it’s the introvert in me. Maybe it’s because I’m actually fearful that others who have remained seated will think I’m clueless. I really don’t know. But I can tell you there are times when I truly do wish I could stand and I just can’t do it.

I’m sick. Sick, I tell ya. Is there a cure? I wonder. Do tell me if you know of one.

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