11. July 2007 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

I am home. The rehearsal began 42 minutes ago. I only now woke up from more sleeping.

What happened: My carpool buddy agreed to drive, even though it wasn’t her turn. She did need to get gas, though. She suggested i call the contractor to see if he really wanted me there — I suppose I could be exposing everyone else to something, eh? He said (well his wife, since I spoke with her), “Do what you need to do. It’s okay.” Or some such thing. At that very moment I looked up at my friend and said, “Um, I think you’d better take me home.”

And just in time, too.

Yep … losing more weight was in the plan today, I guess. I couldn’t believe I had anything LEFT in this stomach ‘o mine. But I did.

So now I’m home. Aching like you would not believe. I can’t continue to use the computer because the light hurts my eyes. (Fever.)

I so rarely miss a rehearsal or performance. All I could say on the drive back to my house was, “I’m sorry. This is so stupid.”

Yeah, I think of it as my “fault”.

I also said, “I owe you a box of chocolates!”

And Carolyn L., I really do! 🙂 (Oh, and Kathy, I’m SO sorry! I hate leaving the principal oboist in a lurch.)


  1. Jeannette Clemons

    Hey you, being sick is NOT FUN! Please feel better soon…lots of fluids etcetcetc….

  2. Thanks, Jeannette!

    Sadly I’m not well enough to go to our son’s UCSC orientation today. Rats. But I’m feeling a bit better, and I’m able to keep water and Gatorade down now. Whew.

    I have to be better by tomorrow; students and a performance are on the calendar.

  3. Oh dear! Get well soon! I hope you have someone to pamper you!