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The Decemberists played with LA Phil recently. I had heard about it, and even mentioned it to Kelsey since I know she likes that group.

Here’s the end of a blog about the show, and the words being spoken are by a trumpeter in the symphony:

“This type of collaboration doesn’t usually give an orchestra much to sink its teeth into, but this one was an exception,” he says. “The high quality of the arrangements and the band made it a fun experience. These types of shows have the benefit of giving rock bands a completely different experience of their music — a live, more fully realized version of the studio tracks their fans love. And it’s nice to expose a different audience to the sound of a full symphonic orchestra.

“But doing too many of these would be like only driving your Ferrari to the corner store. We have an incredibly rich, diverse body of music spanning centuries, and it’s our job to keep it alive while helping new composers add to it. Maybe orchestras can do a little bit of everything — we don’t have to choose between Debussy and the Decemberists.”

I don’t mind playing pops concerts. (And, unlike the blogger, I’m still in favor of Bobby McFerrin … guess I’m showing my age!) I, in fact, have a great time playing some of these gigs. And I’m not a “classical only” sort. But I have never (and I mean that literally) played a concert of this sort that required any more than a run through because the music is so easy.

What does this mean?

I’m not sure, really. Does music have to be difficult to be good? Hmmm.

I can’t write any more that this for now, so some readers need to jump in! (I’m getting better, but I’m still weak in both body and brain … and I can’t think any further, believe it or not!)

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… to the well wishers. I appreciate your kind words!

I’m doing much better today and, drum roll please, I’m actually eating some toast at this very moment. So far, so good.

I sitll hate missing last night’s rehearsal, and I always worry about repercussions. (Gee, I never really put “percussion” together with that “re” before. How slow AM I?) Will I be pegged as “unreliable” or “sickly”? I sure hope not, but things like that can happen. I know of several musicians who hid either their own cancer or their spouses for fear they’d be dropped from hiring lists.

Meanwhile, I’m taking it easy today, and while I’ve managed to get laundry going and dishes cleaned up I think that’s where it will stop; I can’t push it, to be sure.

And then I think about all the news out there (particularly about Jerry Hadley at the moment) and what I’ve had is nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. What sad news. And a reminder of the pressures of life.