12. July 2007 · Comments Off on Thank You · Categories: Ramble

… to the well wishers. I appreciate your kind words!

I’m doing much better today and, drum roll please, I’m actually eating some toast at this very moment. So far, so good.

I sitll hate missing last night’s rehearsal, and I always worry about repercussions. (Gee, I never really put “percussion” together with that “re” before. How slow AM I?) Will I be pegged as “unreliable” or “sickly”? I sure hope not, but things like that can happen. I know of several musicians who hid either their own cancer or their spouses for fear they’d be dropped from hiring lists.

Meanwhile, I’m taking it easy today, and while I’ve managed to get laundry going and dishes cleaned up I think that’s where it will stop; I can’t push it, to be sure.

And then I think about all the news out there (particularly about Jerry Hadley at the moment) and what I’ve had is nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. What sad news. And a reminder of the pressures of life.

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