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It’s called the “Differential Affect Gap” and this article talks about it a bit.

Dr Schubert says, put simply, music is considered more enjoyable or hip when its emotion closely matches the listener’s emotional response. If it does not, it is considered daggy.

Also included in the article is this: “So if you know a piece of music well enough you will start to like it.”

I’m not sure about that … at least not for me. If I know a piece really well sometimes I start to dislike it. Am I just odd? Ornery? Crazy?

But I will have to admit that I probably “fall” for a lot of what others would think of as “daggy”. Sigh.

14. July 2007 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

“She draws attention to the point that some opera artists use steroids like some athletes engage in doping…”

I had no idea that opera singers would use steroids. Am I just clueless? Hmmm.

Maybe I don’t want you to answer that!

(I read this bit ‘o news here.)