18. July 2007 · 4 comments · Categories: Quotes

Shall we find a pub, or would you prefer a restaurant?

Silly question—a pub of course. You forget I’m a musician.

-Cynthia Harrod-Eagles Orchestrated Death (conversation between the Slider and Joanna)


  1. My MQOD, from last night’s Carousel sitzprobe:

    “I swear, there’s nothing more beautiful than an English Horn.” – Catherine Snider, musical director

  2. Oooh! May I use this at my site sometime?

    It’s SO true! (English horn was my first “gig”, when I landed the San Jose Symphony (RIP) job in 1975.)

    So who plays in your orchestra? Just wondering!

    (The one and only time I played Carousel I was in an auto accident, when someone ran a light in front of me, on the way to the matinee—and I was subbing for only that day!&mdash and my car was totaled. My oboe went from car seat to floor and was unplayable! Scary day. I was more concerned about missing the beginning of the show than the fact that I had just been in a fairly major crash.)

  3. I figured you’d like that – I thought of you when she said it. Fine by me if you use it.

    I haven’t seen any of the orchestra names, I just saw the players for the first time last night. We have two people playing Oboe/English Horn, but my guess is that there will be only one in the pit. I can’t remember what song we were doing when she made that remark – it might’ve been “What’s the Use of Wonderin'”.

  4. Hey Mike, I’m betting it was “when you walk through a storm” or whatever the title is.. We just did Carousel here and I got TONS of compliments on that (big solo with singer). Fun show- great music, stupid plot.