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More bloggers have written about last night. Here are direct links to their blog entries:

  • All About George
  • Metroblogging San Francisco
  • Social Media
  • The Standing Room

    PLUS a video!

    Sorry, no video from me. I don’t do video. I don’t even do photos for the most part. But I don’t need to, considering the work Dan does.

    As far as I know, I was the lone oboe player. It’s a lonely life, after all.

    I’m guessing more blogs will be coming up soon. Stay tuned.

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    So SF Mike over at Civic Center has posted his blog entry for last night. And he even posted a picture of yours truly. And I don’t hate the picture.

    It’s a miracle, I tell ya.

    (Note to readers not in the know: I don’t exactly like pictures of me. And I’m not very photogenic. Really.)

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    I love this pictures. It’s a great “anonymous blogger” picture, don’t you think?

    Anonymous Blogger

    Oh … and many, many thanks to “my” photographer, Dan. Please visit his photoblog and enjoy his talent. (Be sure and click on some of those category links to see more!)

    Um. No. I’m not at all biased. I pretend I’m not married to him and I STILL think he’s great! 🙂

    I’ve yet to see any blog entries by others about the concert last night. Hmmm. Wonder what’s up with that?

    Here are some pictures …

    Dressed in Brown

    Yes, this is me (above), and a blogger I didn’t get to meet. But he’s handsome, so there you go! But anyway, notice that I managed to wear non-concert clothes? Cool eh?

    Gaffigan, SFS Conductor for the Night

    Pictured above is James Gaffigan who spoke to us for a bit of time. So young …. (You also see a French hornist … more on him down below.)


    Above you see Luisa chatting with all of us. She sent the invitation to this event. THANKS LUISA!

    BLOGGERS (who will, for the time begin at least, remain nameless):



    SFS Bloggers

    And finally (for now), below you see the French hornist, Jonathan Ring. When asked if French horn players had a particular kind of personality he said they were, for the most part, “laid back” and then proceeded to suggest that we oboe players, blowing though our tiny reeds with all that back pressure, aren’t. Can you imagine?! Heh.

    French Hornist

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    Barring extraordinary circumstances, I would urge any student not to attend a conservatory for their undergraduate years.

    -David Salvage (RTWT)

    (I always advise students to attend a university for undergrad work and a conservatory later. Find out what the world is about. Explore other avenues. See if you can’t live without a career as a performer. Because there are no guarantees. And there are a lot of fish in our ocean.)


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    Alex Ross shows the ages of the former New York Philharmonic conductors and asks “How young is Alan Gilbert?”

    Well, according to the list, he fits in just fine.

    BUT … I don’t compare to other conductors. As I told some of the bloggers at last night’s symphony event, “It’s all about the oboe,” or, to be more frank, it’s all about this oboist. 😉

    Okay, I’m just kidding. Sort of. But I do compare ages of others to my own age. If the number is lower, the person is young. If it’s close to my age, it’s middle age. And no one seems to be old any more, unless they are about 100. Funny how that has changed, eh?

    Pictures of last night should come up later today; moving to WordPress means I have to learn how to do this stuff all over again. Meanwhile, back to the races.

    Really. The Tour de France is on and there are only 2.7 miles to go. Gotta watch. (Yeah, this musician is up far too early. Not sure why. It just happens.)