I’ve yet to see any blog entries by others about the concert last night. Hmmm. Wonder what’s up with that?

Here are some pictures …

Dressed in Brown

Yes, this is me (above), and a blogger I didn’t get to meet. But he’s handsome, so there you go! But anyway, notice that I managed to wear non-concert clothes? Cool eh?

Gaffigan, SFS Conductor for the Night

Pictured above is James Gaffigan who spoke to us for a bit of time. So young …. (You also see a French hornist … more on him down below.)


Above you see Luisa chatting with all of us. She sent the invitation to this event. THANKS LUISA!

BLOGGERS (who will, for the time begin at least, remain nameless):



SFS Bloggers

And finally (for now), below you see the French hornist, Jonathan Ring. When asked if French horn players had a particular kind of personality he said they were, for the most part, “laid back” and then proceeded to suggest that we oboe players, blowing though our tiny reeds with all that back pressure, aren’t. Can you imagine?! Heh.

French Hornist


  1. Patty, it was a treat meeting you briefly and please tell Dan I love the macho art photo of me, especially since he cropped the beer belly..

  2. Yikes! I hit “Submit” a little too early. Just put an account of the evening over at “Civic Center” that includes a nice photo of you and our friend M-C.

  3. Dan has been told!

    And it was wonderful to meet you and MC- too. Might have been even more fun to meet you over a cuppa something (or glass of something). Maybe next time?

    Hmmm. Wait M-C or MC-? Double hmmm.

  4. Patty, you look great! Very suave and looking fine in brown (not black!) –hope you enjoyed the event.

  5. Thanks, Jill! 🙂

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