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I guess I’m not a “classical music purist” because this article suggests I’d be unhappy with the “Big Duh” ads by Hyundai. And I’m not. I don’t care.

Hmmm. Perhaps I’m not as uptight as a particular horn player (see bottom of that post) might think. 😉

(Truth be told, some non-oboe players have suggested I’m not your typical, reed obsessed, crazed oboist. Now of course I am a bit of a worrier about how I’m perceived, so when someone says, “Your not like the typical oboist,” part of me is flattered but the other, somewhat more powerful part, worries that I’m just being told I’m a horrible player! Call me silly.)

If someone ever wants to explain Technorati to me feel free. I did subscribe—or whatever it’s called—years ago, but I honestly don’t really “get it”. What’s it for? Who cares? And how do my sites get the “authority number”? This site has a higher one than the pattyo so I’m assuming higher is better?

Not that I care about this either. I’m just trying to figure it out, because I noticed a couple of bloggers who blogged about the San Francisco event are on some sort of Technorati list, but Technorati doesn’t recognize my (!) four (!) exciting (!) posts (!). And since it’s all about the oboe—or the oboist—I just wonder how Technorati could go so wrong.

… and if you click on Technorati list link do you see some pop artist’s picture on the site, with an ad for “Live Earth Concert Recap”?** Why do pop artists like to look somewhat pasty, near “Edward Scissorhandsish”, sort of sad and angsty? What would happen if we had saw of these guys with a smile on his face? Would the teen girls lose interest in someone who appears to enjoy life? (Since most teen girls—I’ve seen some of those “No one likes me or understands me” blogs and I used to keep a journal much the same—like unhappy people … until they meet them, that is! Guys who are truly that unhappy—like girls who are that way—are usually fairly self-absorbed and … yawn … boring.)

Unlike a self-absorbed oboist. We are merely realistic about what truly matters. 😉

Oh dear … a true pattyramble™. So sorry! Or am I?

Hmm. Maybe I don’t care. 😉

**UPDATE: I clicked on that link again and now I don’t see AngstMan™ but some cute young girl who is sort of smiling. So I guess angst is more attractive in guys. Or something.

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