I believe I met the two women who have this blog and one of them posted a blog entry about the symphony concert we bloggers were invited to attend. She doesn’t mention the invitation or the festivities, but she does give her review of the concert.

As far as “themed programming” … well … I’ve done ’em for years, so that was no surprise to me at all. (And I thought Tchaik’s R&J was one of the biggest warhorses ever, so it was interesting to read what she thought.)

My guess is that this will be the last blogger I locate … seems like they’d all have posted by now if they post at all. One thing about blogs is that they are pretty much “in the moment” or very close to it. Yes?


  1. Hi Patty! It was great meeting you on Wed at Bloggers Night. They always pick on the double reeds and the violas, don’t they? 🙂

    I think there has been at least one more blog written about bloggers’ night. Check out this link: http://del.icio.us/lspier/sanfranciscosymphonybloggernight?page=1

  2. Hi Jolene! Gee … who am I missing? I checked the link and I thought I got them all. I must be blind. Or old. Or both! 😉

    It was wonderful to meet you, too. And now I’ve “found” (not that you were lost) a new blog. Great fun!