Maybe it was just too much wine.

“As if that wasn’t enough, the pianist returned following intermission to perform Beethoven’s final piano concerto, “No 32 in C Minor (Op. 111).””

Read here.

… now, I’m guessing a good number of you will see what I’m laughing about, yes? I saw this first at the well tempered blog. (Hmmm. Are you still well tempered after reading that article?)

I also laughed when I read “As beads of sweat bounced off his forehead…”. Um. Right. Beads of sweat bouncing, visible from the audience, and worth mentioning.

Or not.

Anyway, reviews. They can be very odd.

But really … concerto … sonata … big diff, right? They’re all just “songs” if you ask most folks. 😉


  1. I want to say it was summer of 1996 or 1997 that we were at the Cabrillo Music Festival in your backyard (Santa Cruz) that he played Bernstein’s Age of Anxiety with Maestra Alsop conducting. He was entrancing to watch, and was always very interactive with the orchestra whenever he was resting. After rehearsal, he stuck around and talked to everyone, and even talked to me, though I was a Junior or Sophomore in high school at the time. Then, Jeffrey Kahane came down with some bug or injury or some other excuse and canceled on his contract to perform Rhapsody in Blue the 2nd week. After being approached by Maestra Alsop, Mr. Taylor stuck around a 2nd week and did that gig as well. He definetely was a stand up guy, and although it doesn’t count for much in this day and age, it SHOULD. I knew the entire payroll of Cabrillo that year, and the scale was so low that it was barely worth it for musicians to show up and play. I think Mr. Taylor just did it because he was having a good time with everyone.

  2. In all my years living here (46) I’ve never gone to hear the Cabrillo Music Festival. I played there once, when they needed an extra (now they bring in players from outside the area; back then it was local). Guess I should go sometime.

    I’ve never heard Mr. Taylor. Maybe someday….