I was surprised to find this new post about the San Francisco Symphony blogger event. I guess I was wrong when I said I thought the last of the blogs had appeared. I don’t believe the people we sat next to ever blogged (I believe it was just the man who had a blog, and the woman came along for the ride.), so maybe there will even be more. Who knows?

If I don’t blog within two days about an event, you can pretty much bet I’m not going to. I’m just that way.

So far I think only one other blogger is a musician; I’m finding it interesting to read all the bloggers’ opinions about the concert. They are all quite positive about the experience. I’m absolutely fine with that. The symphony I was in for 27 years folded (San Jose Symphony RIP). Yes, I’m in a new one now, but there isn’t nearly as much work. If we can get more people in the hall, I’m all for it! Now what I’d like to see is if these bloggers ever buy a ticket and attend another symphony concert. Guess I’ll have to bookmark all of them and see, yes?


  1. i definitely will! i was browsing through the upcoming regular season last night to see which concerts i should buy tickets to.

    am i going to see you there? 🙂

  2. Hmmm. Will I be there? Time will tell! I can never buy tickets too far ahead of time, because I have to keep my calendar open for jobs. But I’d definitely like to get there. Maybe I’ll start a “wish list” of SFS concerts here at some point.

    I see they are doing Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde and I love that. I’d also love to sign up for the open dress rehearsals, but I often have work on Wednesdays. I’ll have to check the calendar and see how many conflicts I have for now. Maybe it would be worth getting signed up even if I miss one or two.

    So what appeals to you?