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Lisa Hirsch blogs a non-spoiler comment about Rowling which … well … must mean my blog writing drives her absolutely bonkers! 😉

I’d feel bad but … to be honest … I consider myself to be the Queen of Ellipses.

Now I’m off to read … you guessed it … The Book.

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I wonder if this is the guy who was in our row at the Symphony concert. (If his concert-mate was sometimes sketching or writing in a small book, then I’ve got the right man. I couldn’t really see what she was doing—it seemed rude to look. And yes, sketching or journaling isn’t entirely unheard of at concerts. We used to have a woman at Opera San José who would come down to the pit to sketch us and then, sometimes, hand us the pictures. For some reason, though, I was always irked by that. I have no good reason to be, I know. Maybe it was just that the pictures were not very good at all. Sigh. I’m such a snob!)

So the blogs keep rolling in. And again his is a positive experience blog entry.

Okay. Enough of my ramble. Errands are calling. Later I think I’ll write a bit about “When Students Quit”. (Because, yes, a student quit yesterday. And another quit last week. And yes, my feelings do get hurt. More later. Stay tuned.)

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Haughty love is worse than nerdy love, though, and it spreads through the apparatus of the classical world, sometimes through maestros pontificating and glorifying on PBS specials, sometimes through critics who adore to condescend, etc. etc. Everyone is guilty; I am terribly guilty; there are so many lurking clichés. All so well-intentioned, like a benevolent squadron of embalmers. So hard to speak of our music in the present tense!

-Jeremy Denk (RTWT)

(The ever-poetic Mr. Denk!)