24. July 2007 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

How To Choose Opera Music

Who’da thunk it?


  1. You could do worse!

    If I were writing a beginner’s book on opera, my strategy wouldn’t be so different. I think people come to opera for one of three reasons: 1. There’s a particular singer they’ve gotten hooked on. 2. There’s a composer they love. 3. The whole ball of theatrical wax appeals to them.

    Compilation CDs are a great way to figure out what one likes as a listener.

  2. I got into opera music by … well … playing it. Prior to performing in the pit I hadn’t seen, nor had I heard, an opera, believe it or not. (Well, except Amahl and the Night Visitors, when our church did it.)

    To me opera is visual, so I want people getting into it to be able to see as well as hear. But I wonder if that’s just my problem. Probably so.