24. July 2007 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

Over at TGM someone writes 5-Step Guide to a Musician’s Air Travel:

Here are a few cautions you should keep in mind before hading for the airport:

1. Be ready to check in your instrument.

And there you go. This is why it’s “The Good Musician” and not “The Great Musician”. 😉

Okay, maybe I’m joking. But oboists? Do not “be ready to check in your instrument.” We don’t do that. Ever. But do be ready to check in your reed making equipment. Of course that’s sort of a BigDuh™, right?

And, call me silly, but I can’t imagine any violinist using one of those horrendously expensive instruments being ready to place that fiddle in checked luggage.


  1. LOL! I took over The Good Musician in March, and I would never have said that–I’m a flute picker, and I always carry it in my personal bag over my shoulder and under my arm. No way would I ever check my flute.

    Do be ready for security to insist on going over your case with a fine-toothed comb, and don’t expect them to be able to put the joints back in their proper place.

    The former TGM played guitar, which he may have chosen to check, I have no way of knowing. Most string pickers I know will buy an extra seat rather than stow below. John Giordano (Ft. Worth Symph conductor) had his precious bass smashed when the 1 o’clock jazz lab band went to Mexico in 1966. That was enough to convince me.

    I used to play with Eleanor Biondi-Duste in CA. She and her late husband, Ray Duste (SF Symphony) made a very good oboe reed–oboe was my second instrument, so I didn’t get into making my own reeds, and I liked Ellie’s!

    So can I change the name from “The Good Musician” to “The Great Musician” now? 🙂

    Excellent site!


  2. Oh my … when did Ray Dusté die? I hadn’t heard about that, and I”m sorry to read it now. I remember going in to Forrests music years ago to have my oboe (or EH?) repaired. He sat there and played excerpt after excerpt for me. It was fabulous!

    Nice to see you here, btw. I doubt anyone will read this particular blog entry now, as it’s rather old. But thanks for dropping by, and I’ll have to check out your sites!