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When I go to people’s houses I like to look around. I’m nosey that way. I like to see their art. I like to see their bookshelves. I like to see their CD collection. It gives me a picture, or I pretend it does anyway, of what they are about.

Now some people deliberately choose things, I’m sure, that aren’t really them, but what they want others to think they are. But that’s okay too—that speaks fairly loudly and I can usually figure it out!

(Side note: I remember a man who used to come into Books Inc., where I worked for a time back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. He purchased, I think about every month, but maybe it was every other week, those leather-bound books with gold leaf pages. He didn’t seem to care what the books were, but chose them for how they looked. Ah yes! Books as decoration.)

Anyway, I just watched the first Terry Teachout contentions interview. I enjoyed it, and I’ll watch it again to get more out of it.

(Side note #2: At Terry Teachout’s blog today he uses the phrase “music and the arts” … and yeah, he’s not the only one. So is music not an art? I’m not arguing. Just wondering out loud in print.)

But you wonder (c’mon, you know you do!) what I really want? I want a tour of where he lives.
He showed us a bit of his art. But I want a tour, doggone it!

Yeah. I’m silly that way. I like seeing how folks hang their art, where they store books … oh, you know, shallow things. Shoot, I even like to see what kinds of dishes they use. (But does Mr. Teachout cook? He writes about going out, but I don’t know that I’ve seen him write about cooking!)

Ah well. Enough of that. Go watch the interview. (The interviewer is silent. Was someone really asking those questions, or did Teachout make them up?)

Today I have no HP to read. This means I could actually get things done around here.


Well, you never know ….

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