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I understood very little of Bart Schneemann’s conversation here, but I did understand this bit (only because it was in English!):

Conductor (I think): Yes Bart, there is a little problem for tonight.

BS: Is it a big problem?

C: Mmmmm. Yes. It’s quite a big problem.

BS: What is the problem? Is it a problem with the concert or something?

C: Yes, it’s a problem with the concert, because the concert hall is burning.

Well, yeah, that’s a problem!

But MY problem? My problem is that I’m not even close to bilingual. Yes, I’m a stupid American. Sigh.

Translation, anyone?

But While I’m On YouTube:
Who says recorders should only play old music, eh? These musicians do something new! (I’m guessing I’m just out of it as usual, and most people already know about this. My YouTube-ness is somewhat behind the times.)

For some older stuff try this. And okay, I’m not too proud to admit this … I nearly cried hearing this. I’m not sure why. It just touched me emotionally. Am I ridiculous? Geesh.

Back to the something contemporary, short & sweet.

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