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I couldn’t play guitar for a few months, so I just started studying music again. I started working on (the symphony), and I learned very quickly that there were a lo of gaps in my musical knowledge.

-Mike Einziger (from the rock band Incubus)

I like this. I like that he admits he didn’t know everything. And I like this too:

Einziger began studying five days a week with a teacher and also spent time with a “musical mentor.”

Now of course I realize he might fail at what he’s doing. But I just really appreciate that the guy didn’t just say, “Woo hoo! I’m off to write a symphony!” He studied. Good for him.


So some guy in KORN is writing an opera. This man is writing a symphony. McCartney wrote a few “classical” works. It would be interesting to put together a list of rock/pop/other folks who are now entering into the classical (we-are-so-dead-or-at-least-dying) realm.

And why? What is it that so drives them to do this?

I’m not being sarcastic. I’m not even being skeptical of Mike Einziger’s work. I’m honestly wondering what it is that is causing people do delve into a new music world.

Thoughts? (I do have some ideas. I think it might even connect with my desire—long since given up—to become a poet.)

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