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I’m debating (with myself; I don’t debate others, because I’m the wimpiest of wimps when it comes to confrontation and argument). Should I continue with my Muso subscription?

I subscribed just this past year. It’s easy reading. It’s good pit material because there’s nothing heavy in it. There are only beautiful people pictured except when they do a segment on some more famous, older musician. It introduces me to a lot of musicians I’m unfamiliar with. Now they’ve sent out a re-subscribe notice and they’ve even offered me a FREE Muso card. (Hmmm. But will the card only be for the UK? Guess I should ask.) It’s really the first (and last?) sexy classical music magazine.


Well, a person they recently had on the cover is supposed to be a great classical musician. Then I heard that musician play. Wow. How bad are you allowed to be and still be featured because you are Incredibly Beautiful Musician (IBM)? I wonder.**

Is Muso about fine classical musicians, or is it about the IBMs of the world, ignoring lack of talent?

Still … I keep thinking about that nice PitRead™. Short articles. Easy words. Pretty pictures.

Oh dear. Here I go again, sounding like a snob. What to do? What to do?

**I know, I know, one lacking-in-quality musician does not a bad magazine make. Most of the other featured musicians have been unheard by yours truly. What I would love would be for Muso to include a CD with snippets of the musicians they feature.

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