I’m watching a Volkwagen ad and they are just so cool and, well, don’tcha just want to buy one because of their wonderful ads and, after all, they are the people’s car, right?

But I read this and it just ticks me off. You’d think Volkwagen could do better by the people who’d possibly buy their cars. It’s really bizarre that they only had to give 24 hours notice. And how can they be certain all the volks … um, I mean folks … have received the notice? This all seems so wrong.

And yeah, I’m rambling ….

Ahhh, parking! Parking is often an issue for musicians. Some employers provide parking. Some don’t. I once had to park so far away from the concert hall for a Symphony Silicon Valley concert I had to race to get on stage to warm up, and had to have someone escort me back to the car because of the rather questionable neighborhood where my car sat. (I had tried every lot near the hall and they were full.) And recently? The job I played recently paid less that most of my jobs, and then I had to pay for parking. Where was it? Well, of course … the same place Volkwagen was filming: San Francisco. Go figure.

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So a poster for the Tim Burton Sweeney Todd movie is out. I’m still reserving judgment. I’m a Depp fan, to be sure. I just have a difficult time seeing him in this role, and I’m not at all sure about that streak in his hair.

But after yakking about that here at home I said, “They should make a movie “Teeny Weeny Todd — The Short Movie.”

Sorry. I had to. Really. No. Choice.

But c’mon … you know you want to add to this.

Update … Dan suggests “Puccini Todd”. 🙂

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Yep, I said “tailgate.” Not sure if it’s true, but let’s say it anyway — The Santa Fe Opera is the only opera in the world with bona fide tailgating.

Here’s how it works:

Opera-goers arrive at least 2 hours before the performance, park their cars, and commence setting up the most elaborate feasts in the parking lot. No expense is spared. We’re talking wooden tables, tents, champagne stands, table cloths, and other miscellaneous finery.

Sounds like fun! (Although if I ate a lot and drank before an opera I’d probably either fall asleep or have my RLS act up.)


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Okay … if you don’t know the movie that wasn’t even close to funny. Even if you do it’s probably not close to funny. Whatever. I’m just an oboe player. What do I know? 😉

But I just read this:

Slatkin was entirely at ease on the podium, leaning back at times, his left toe raised.

Now I find that funny. What is that about the left toe? Weird. And not TOES, but TOE. So was he wearing sandals? Which left toe was raised? Why left rather than right? This is so confusing. I’m distressed. Aren’t you?

Or is it just my problem? 😉


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If music were to assume human form and explain its essence, it may say something like this: “…I love the vast surface of silence; and it is my chief delight to break it.”

– Carl Nielsen

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Put simply, the fourth movement of Beethoven’s 9th rocks.

-Sean O’Hagan (RTWT)