I’m watching a Volkwagen ad and they are just so cool and, well, don’tcha just want to buy one because of their wonderful ads and, after all, they are the people’s car, right?

But I read this and it just ticks me off. You’d think Volkwagen could do better by the people who’d possibly buy their cars. It’s really bizarre that they only had to give 24 hours notice. And how can they be certain all the volks … um, I mean folks … have received the notice? This all seems so wrong.

And yeah, I’m rambling ….

Ahhh, parking! Parking is often an issue for musicians. Some employers provide parking. Some don’t. I once had to park so far away from the concert hall for a Symphony Silicon Valley concert I had to race to get on stage to warm up, and had to have someone escort me back to the car because of the rather questionable neighborhood where my car sat. (I had tried every lot near the hall and they were full.) And recently? The job I played recently paid less that most of my jobs, and then I had to pay for parking. Where was it? Well, of course … the same place Volkwagen was filming: San Francisco. Go figure.


  1. Does the OSJ orchestra get parking? We used to get passes for the lot under Scott’s (which, clearly, was much more convenient to the Montgomery), but we haven’t gotten anything for the past couple seasons. My biggest stress whenever I have a rehearsal or performance at the California is whether or not I’m going to find parking (and if I’m going to have to park in one of the expensive pay lots).

  2. The major performing groups in San Jose have traditionally (and contractually) provided parking for their employees. I believe AMTSJ now requires that their employees pay a reduced fee (but I nearly always find free parking for that particular job … it’s location makes that easier than jobs at the California).

    One thing about orchestra/pit players; they seem to know where all the little secrets are when it comes to parking. (For some reason I don’t … I’m not sure what that means!)

    From what I have heard, parking in downtown San Jose is only going to get worse. I always arrive MUCH earlier than all of my colleagues, even with provided parking. For one thing, I’m an oboist and we almost all do that, and I’m also a person who can never be late. Ever.