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Let’s say you want to join a bowling league. Your two choices? Well … there’s ASOL or LAO.

Yeah, ASOL pronounced out loud doesn’t exactly thrill you, does it?

So … finally … the American Symphony Orchestra League has voted to change their name to the League of American Orchestras. You can read their announcement here (pdf).

I think it’s pretty funny that in their announcement they didn’t admit, “The ASOL name just looked and sounded bad!” Nope. They had to give all sorts of great reasons for the change.

But we all know the real reason.


OOPS! My friend, DK, sent me an email this morning: the article DOES actually mention the “real” reason for the change:

“The new name has already been received enthusiastically—at the League’s annual “Awards Celebration,” held a mere four and a half hours after the Conference Luncheon and Annual Meeting, Grammy Award-winning Nashville Singer/Songwriter Don Schlitz (most famous for having written “The Gambler”) presented and performed a brand new song, called “The Unfortunate Acronym.””

Can you tell that I frequently skim things? Shame on me.

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