02. August 2007 · Comments Off on Please Make Checks Payable To: · Categories: Ramble

Well, Patricia Emerson Mitchell or Patty Mitchell or even “Hey You” will work, I think. But hey … send ’em now and send ’em to me! I have a PO Box so it’s nice and easy. Just check it out here!

Because, you see, I was just informed that this site is worth over $38,000!


I actually don’t make real money on this site. I know some folks have a little paypal thing where you can give money if you want, but that’s just not my style.

I have, however, been sent oboe reeds in the past. (Thanks!) And if anyone wants to come over and do my yard work I’d not refuse your offer. (I tell my students they may do my yard work any time they want but—can you believe it?—not even one student has shown up for anything other than a lesson. Amazing.)

Speaking of students, it’s nearly time to get to work. Guess I’d better leave. I’ll be checking that PO Box daily from here on out, though.

Or not.