Okay … read the quote below and tell me what you think it’s all about:

“From different studies, they’ve shown — I may be a little wrong on the technical side — that Mozart’s music and brain waves are similar and that it stimulates learning. They play it a lot at schools around the country, very low, underneath. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but why not give it a shot?”

I’m not sure anyone reads my blog at this time of day (whatever time it is for you!), but I’ll give it an hour or two before I post the link.


Okay, okay, I guess no one wants to play. Well, here you go: Read this.

Yes. Football.

Mozart just seems wrong to me. If you were to choose a composer, would you put Mozart in the football field?

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  1. Silly fads like “The Mozart Effect” are pretty dismal to contemplate. If I had a kid in a school where they play music at low levels as “background”, I would be looking for another school!

    It’s really the flip side of the “classical music to deter street crime” coin.

    I do believe there’s real magic in art, but it is not a magic like some wand or talisman.