03. August 2007 · Comments Off on Outdoor Concerts are Different · Categories: Ramble

So someone wrote to the Chicago Tribune complaining about the lack of “Concert Etiquette” at an outdoor concert.


I agree that cellphone users shouldn’t be yakking away during a concert, and I even agree that keeping kids from running around like maniacs (which I’ve certainly seen) is nice. But shoot, it’s outdoors and one of the reasons these concerts are given is to pull in new ears and faces and all that jazz. And playing outdoors isn’t exactly going to be quiet no matter what. (I remember one persistent bird that sang through a Mozart work with us one year.)

Outdoor concerts are different. I say bring the kids. Bring a picnic. Relax. Enjoy. Don’t be shouting, please, but if you want to talk, well, I’m not going to pull my knives on you! Promise.

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