05. August 2007 · 8 comments · Categories: Ramble

So … I’ve had hits from most states in the US, but I’m missing a few. Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Rhode island, West Virginia, Wyoming … anybody there?!

Update … as you can see by the changes above, I’ve now received hits from a few more states! Nice!


  1. I’m a late starter cello student from Alaska, and I’ve been enjoying your blog for more than a year and a half (currently using Google Reader). Maybe your hit counter doesn’t show the feeds the same way as a simple hit?

  2. Hmmm. I don’t know how sitemeter works when it comes to something like Google Reader. Shoot, I don’t even know what Google Reader is! 🙂

    Thanks for commenting … and I will now add Alaska to the list.

    I hope your “celloing” is going well!

  3. Google Reader is just one of a handful of RSS (or Atom) feed readers (Bloglines is another). Once I added your blog’s RSS feed subscription to my Reader, the minute you post an update or a new comment is posted, it automatically relays it to my Reader.

    When I log in I get a list of all the new posts, and I just click on each one to read it – without having to navigate to all the blogs themselves every day to see if they’ve done a recent update. My reader also keeps a copy of all posts.

    I follow about 175 blogs and about 100 comments feeds this way.

    BTW, it’s possible to add feeds from many news organizations, newsletters, etc. as well.

  4. and your occasional reader from singapore 🙂 I’m trying out sitemeter too, still figuring out how to use it ;P

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  6. So glad you are here, Nat! 🙂

    (By the way, when you set up sitemeter you might want to exclude your own IP address. Otherwise you get a false idea of how many are at your site, as it will count you ever single time you are at the site!)

  7. Ahaha.. and there I was wondering how come my site had so many hits.. Darn, it was me after all 😛
    How do you exclude your IP address?

  8. I’m not sure, Nat, how you exclude your address; because we use a different server than WordPress I think our stuff is done differently. BUT I can tell you what I did and maybe it is the same:
    Go to the manager page of your site and you should see this toward the bottom:
    Customizing your account

    Your account can be customized in several ways. You can set it to ignore your own visits, make your statistics reports private, start your counter at a higher number, or change the style of your counter.

    Click on “Ignore your own visits” and work from there.

    Hope this works for you!

  9. yup, managed to. Thanks a million! and… you forgot Singapore in your post above. *pouts* 😛