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I just received an email about a new “challenger for myspace” so I went to check out this new place. It is all about music, although not much “classical” is there. But still, there was a bit, so I clicked on “listen” for a couple of composers. The first thing I heard was a movement of a clarinet concerto. Sigh. It wasn’t a real orchestra, and while the work might be okay (not great, but okay) I couldn’t bear to listen to it. The oboe sounded laughable. The second track I heard was a cello concerto. The work wasn’t bad. AND I heard a real orchestra! I could hear breathing. I could hear key clicks. I heard the fabulous scraping of the bow. (I probably shouldn’t put it that way. String players …?) I even heard a cough or two. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to hear this.

The music felt very much alive. The clarinet work, played “by “Finale” music scoring software through a “Garritan Personal Orchestra” soft synth” left me cold.

As it should be.

Would others hear a difference? I wonder. So while I don’t want to be promoting this new company, go check out Broadjam’s Classical Page and tell me what YOU think.

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