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Someone from Cool, California visited. I have no idea where Cool is, but I’m certainly going to go find out now. 🙂

In Other News …
I just received my part for a new work I’ll be recording in September. Yikes! It begins with various instruments coming in and out of the picture on what is my low F. The flute begins, followed by violin, clarinet, percussion, violin 2, horn, viola, cello, oboe … well, as you can see, lots of instruments coming in every two beats or so. On F. Marked ppp. I have a feeling I’ll use forked F (the Marigaux forked F is quite lovely) and I may end up muting the oboe as well. We’ll see. For me I go from that low F (7 score pages worth) to a high E. The things move a bit more. There isn’t a huge amount that is too difficult, but I will have to work out some fingerings (my part goes to a high G) and I will also have to practice the parts that were marked 8va rather than put up in the correct place. I don’t know if anyone else struggles with this, but putting something up an octave when it means more than just adding an octave key just throws me. I’m guessing I’m just an idiot.)

Well, okay, I’m not guessing. I know! 😉

While the work doesn’t look terribly difficult, I’m sure it will be; anytime a recording is added to the mix things become difficult. No one wants to be the one who makes us have to do things over again.

Recording is so much more stressful than anything else. San Jose Symphony (RIP) used to be broadcast live. That was so much less stressful than a recording. A live broadcast is one moment in time. A recording is forever!

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