06. August 2007 · Comments Off on You tell me … please?! · Categories: Ramble

Read this:

There was quite a bit of excitement in the lobby of Jazz at Lincoln Center on Thursday evening, as two celebrities – Neeme Jarvi and Derek Jeter – were on hand at the same time. Mr. Jeter was making a personal appearance, while Mr. Jarvi was entering the Rose Theater to hear his son Paavo conduct at the Mostly Mozart Festival.

Now explain. Jeter was making a personal appearance. Jarvi was what … making an impersonal one? Or is the writer saying Jeter showed his face but wasn’t attending the concert? I’m feeling stupid because I just don’t quite get this, and I’m sure it’s my problem; I can be slow this way.

And I think that weird A with two dashes is supposed to be an — (emdash) … right? It looks the same way in both Safari and Firefox. I suppose it works in IE? (Yeah, I’m nit picking. What better thing have I to do? Practice? Make reeds? Pshaw!)


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