07. August 2007 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’m going to be doing a rather long drive in the near future. I’m just wondering if anyone has some suggestions for “Traveling Music” … not that I can afford to buy anything, but if I find your suggestions on emusic I can download some recordings (or tracks if you want to do it that way).

Just putting this out there … because I can.


  1. Just be careful and not choose something to listen to that gets you going way over the speed limit!

  2. Too true! Of course I usually set my cruise control (I’m a stickler about speed limits), but even so I do have to pay attention!

  3. Patty— go to your local library and get some books on CD! I Have a very long commute to work everyday and I love it. Best of all, it’s free!

  4. Actually I do have some books on CD that I’ve yet to get to, but I’ll be driving with my son and his girlfriend and we do a “music thing” … each of us shares our music. No books this time.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though!