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I think I’m in a bit of trouble for not recognizing an apparently very well known jazz flutist.

Sigh. I know I’m quite lame when it comes to jazz. I own very little jazz. Another blogger was disappointed in me for not fully “getting” jazz.

Sorry, folks. I’m just a lowly oboe player. Sigh.

I don’t believe the problem is that I’m a classically trained musician; a good number of my colleagues are quite familiar with jazz musicians. It’s not that we are all snobs. It’s that I just don’t get jazz. Just like some don’t get what I do. (But hey, I do own some Coltrane and, well, I hope that counts for something …?)

What can I say? I’m not perfect. Not even close. I gave up that quest long ago, sad but true.

But for those of you who continue to struggle with oboe and reeds, or want to know what this wacky life is like, I do hope you stick around! And I hope Mr. Poodle (just kidding!) will stick around too. Despite my many failings. 😉

(Oh … and if I sound a wee bit sensitive, or perhaps even a bit melancholy, well, yeah. There’s that. Some things I don’t blog about. If you wanna know, you could ask, but I’m sure tomorrow will be better.)

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Throughout the night, though, the same camera crew, directed by someone with the scores in hand, flitted from orchestra section to section every bar or so – not understanding that the only one, other than Hampson or Vidal, who can bring enlightenment to the music’s locus of energy – its thrust and sweep, its change of character and size – is the conductor, especially this conductor. Not a row of oboists.

But the are oboists, doggone it! How can you go wrong with a “row of oboists”? (Hmmm. A row?! Just how many were there?)


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This says the singer has been hospitalized for tests. This one suggests another paper mentioned pneumonia. I had thought, via this, that perhaps the tenor’s health was improving. I suppose we have to wait to see what the real story is.

The internet has certainly changed the way news spreads. Both fact and fiction.

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ACD hates the iPod. And that’s okay. (He does sort of hate a lot of stuff, but so do a lot of other bloggers.)

Do I own an iPod?

Yep. I own one but rarely use it. To be honest, I don’t listen to as much music as a lot of people. I hear so much music when I’m practicing, teaching or working I guess I get my fill much of the time. Silence is often quite appealing. (Well, as silent as things can get; I do live on a rather busy street.) Right now I’m sitting in my family room. The TV is off. The radio is off. There is no music playing. I hear a bit of traffic, but this room is toward the back of the house so it’s not terrible. (Still, I’d love total silence sometime … except that then I hear my heart and all that—Blood Makes Noise, you know?)

But I use my iPod in the car. So what if it’s lacking? Everything is lacking when you listen to it in the car. But it gets me where I’m going.

If I want to hear what it really sounds like … well … I have a pretty good seat for symphonic music. I’ll stick to that for the Real Stuff.

As to playlists? I say “play away!” But I’m sort of a laid back. For an oboist, anyway. 😉

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There’s a disco ball rotating overhead right above the stage. How often do you get to play classical music under a disco ball?

-Janet Archibald

I wish I could attend the Lowell Trio’s concert this Saturday night, but I have a previous engagement. Sigh. Maybe next time? But for any of you who are interested, here’s the information:

Armando’s in Martinez
Saturday, August 11, 8:00 PM
707 Marina Vista

Janet is the English hornist of San Francisco Opera and I can tell you she’s a fabulous musician! I heard her—was it just this past year?—playing all the lovely work in Tristan und Isolde and it was wonderful.

Do let me know if you go!