09. August 2007 · Comments Off on Blasting the iPod · Categories: Ramble

ACD hates the iPod. And that’s okay. (He does sort of hate a lot of stuff, but so do a lot of other bloggers.)

Do I own an iPod?

Yep. I own one but rarely use it. To be honest, I don’t listen to as much music as a lot of people. I hear so much music when I’m practicing, teaching or working I guess I get my fill much of the time. Silence is often quite appealing. (Well, as silent as things can get; I do live on a rather busy street.) Right now I’m sitting in my family room. The TV is off. The radio is off. There is no music playing. I hear a bit of traffic, but this room is toward the back of the house so it’s not terrible. (Still, I’d love total silence sometime … except that then I hear my heart and all that—Blood Makes Noise, you know?)

But I use my iPod in the car. So what if it’s lacking? Everything is lacking when you listen to it in the car. But it gets me where I’m going.

If I want to hear what it really sounds like … well … I have a pretty good seat for symphonic music. I’ll stick to that for the Real Stuff.

As to playlists? I say “play away!” But I’m sort of a laid back. For an oboist, anyway. 😉

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