11. August 2007 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

I’ve been puzzling over a few thing for quite some time. They are goofy little things, and they aren’t really important, but whatever. I’ve heard various people say the following, and I’m here to help translate for you. I’m nice that way.

“Is it just me or ….” : It is not just me. It is nearly everyone. Except you.

“I shouldn’t really say this ….”: I’m going to say this and no one is going to stop me.

“Don’t take this personally ….”: Take this very, very personally. Just don’t act like it hurts.

“With all due respect ….”: No respect is due.

“Contrary to popular opinion ….”: Neener neener, I’m smarter than the majority of you.

And, finally, not a quote but, well, what is it with bloggers who use “we” when they mean “I”? That “royal we” thing … well … it only makes them look silly if you ask us … um … I mean me.

Changing the Subject … I think it’s time to go over my blogrolls again. Some of you aren’t posting any more, or at least so infrequently I’m not sure what’s up. if I remove you … well … don’t take it personally.

No. Really. Don’t. 😉

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  1. Can we use the royal “we” if we have a tapeworm?