I’m listening at this very moment to my friend Jason Sudduth play the Marcello. I guess the big question is does he have any idea that I’m doing so?! You can find it on YouTube … sadly without any visual. And yes, music is really about hearing, but YouTube is about seeing and, well, I wish I could have seen him as well as heard him.

So Jason … if you’re out there … say hey! Do you know about this clip of you?

And you sound lovely. (Even if it is a band transcription. 😉


  1. That was a beautiful performance. And I really liked the texture of the winds beneath the oboe— I think it was very interesting compared to just the strings that you usually hear. The winds did a GREAT job, especially the brass- I know it’s hard for them to play with such restraint sometimes.

  2. Two questions. Is the Marcello in C or D minor? And was it composed by A.Marcello or D.Marcello?

    I played the D minor version for a recital last year and this question still bugs me 😛

  3. Sounds great! Thanks for posting this link. Does anyone have any details of the publisher of this transcription? I play for a wind orchestra here in NZ, and I’ll suggest it for purchase 🙂


  4. I actually bought the band transcription and have played it myself; my version sounds exactly like what was on the YouTube video. Mine was in C Minor. I donated it to the band I played it, but I think I got it from J.W. Pepper.