14. August 2007 · 2 comments · Categories: Quotes

Okay, folks, this is an article about a golf tournament:

Another for whom the game comes easy is Els, who’s finally looking like the player he was before his knee injury. At the Open Championship at Hoylake last year, Els was very much in contention but didn’t play second fiddle to Woods during the weekend so much as fifth oboe.

Is this as funny to you as it is to me? FIFTH oboe? Geesh.



  1. I’m reminded of something a friend told me years ago. He was the clarinetist in a certain regional orchestra. There was a discussion with the conductor, talking about possible chamber ensembles to be drawn from the orchestra for educational events. When someone mentioned a favorite of theirs — a Mozart oboe quartet — the conductor kind of winced and remarked: “I don’t know… FOUR oboes???”

  2. Yikes … that’s a little scary! A conductor didn’t know what the Mozart oboe quartet was?